These guys are serious about what they do. They know cars, stereos, electronics, tinting and so much more. What I loved most was that they do not compromise on the quality of their work.

Danny answered every question I had, walked me through everything step of the process, and was always courteous. On top of that he gave me a great price! I'm very happy with the way my Porsche came out. My suggestion: if you're considering a sound, alarm, tint etc. specialist then be sure to give these guys a call first. They're definitely worth it.

Alek R., Chino Hills, CA

Excellent service; I'm extremely satisfied. I purchased a new sound system to replace an old stock radio in my husbands work truck for his birthday. He is thrilled with the result. Thank you for all your assistance. I highly recommend.

B S., Diamond Bar, CA

I'm so glad I found this place! My wife has a 2001 Expedition badly in need of an updated radio, so we called these guys. They went above and beyond to help us pick the right unit for her. They are extremely knowledgeable about the products they sell.

I checked a few places for pricing and they had the best prices. We had a minor install problem and they fixed it without any hassle. I highly recommend!

Dave D., Brea, CA

“A few months ago these guys installed my factory fog lights and my subwoofer/amp on my 2015 Hyundai Genesis Sedan. Fast forward a few months and my engine kicks off on the freeway. I have the car towed to a dealership and they deny warranty service, citing the fact that I had aftermarket stuff installed in my car. I call these guys and ask them to take a look at their wiring and they agree.

Once the car is there, Danny looks over their wiring and tests the junction box and finds nothing wrong. They even take the car to another mechanic for a second opinion. The other mechanic finds nothing wrong on the electrical side and advises Darryl that the problem is indeed mechanical and for me to take it to another dealership.

Long story short, my car was repaired under warranty at a different dealership. The repair work would've cost me more than $13,000; but thanks to these guys, who took the time out of their already busy day to take apart and diagnose my car, even going so far as taking it to a mechanic to verify the problem was mechanical in nature, I didn't have to pay a dime.

What did Precision Sound charge me for all this extra work? NOTHING. I paid for the labor and parts when I initially had the work done so they stood behind their workmanship and would do whatever it took to make it right on their end. They could easily have said "sorry bud, not our problem" but they DIDN'T. We need more stand up guys like these guys. Thanks fellas.“

Reginald L., Chino, CA

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