M3 – 3 Channel Digital Rear View DVR Mirror System

M3 – 3 Channel Digital Rear View DVR Mirror System


Adventure Ready

Off Road Camera
The 3rd camera can be mounted above the front license plate to better spot the road conditions ahead when off-roading.

12 Inch Display
Largest Digital Mirror on the market! Offering greater view from all 3 cameras

Lowered Camera Angle
See the obstacles ahead of your vehicle to better navigate through tough terrains.

Interior Camera

Rideshare Evidence
Record the vehicle’s interior for evidence to protect rideshare drivers against false passenger accusations.

Baby Monitoring
Flexible mounting solutions allows parents to keep a constant eye on their child in the back seat.

Exterior Camera

Low-angle front camera
Help you see in front of the wheels when parking



  • 3 channel 1080p Full HD recording: All three cameras records in 1080p. Live footage view. Toggle between different camera view with a simple swipe on the digital screen
  • License plate mount: M3 comes with a license plate mount that can easily be mounted on the front license plate and provides a clear view in front of the tires.
  • Windshield mount (optional): needs to purchase separately.
  • Headrest mount (optional): needs to purchase separately
  • G-sensor and parking mode: Automatically locks the footage if external force is detected. And if hardwired to the vehicle’s battery, M3 can give your vehicle 24hr protection.


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