WAVTECH link6 6-Channel LOC w/Summing and Remote

WAVTECH link6 6-Channel LOC w/Summing and Remote


When upgrading your audio system in a typical front, rear and subwoofer set-up, the link6 is the perfect tool for the job. Getting its input from your factory stereo’s front and rear speaker leads, it can provide front, rear and subwoofer outputs for your aftermarket amplifier or amplifiers.

Some factory audio systems require summing when adding aftermarket amplifiers, because no full range signal is present. When this is necessary, the link6 combines the sum of the frequencies present, providing the full range signal your amplifiers need.

For added flexibility, the link6’s multi-function remote provides four unique configurations, based on the specific application requirements of your system. It can work as a subwoofer level control for fine tuning the amount of bass in your system, or as a master volume control in more complex installations.

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link6 Features

  • 6-Channel Line Output Converter

  • 6-Channel Summing Processor (6-in/6-Out)

  • Multi-Function Remote Level/Source Control

    • Master Volume Control

    • AUX Volume Control

    • Independent CH5/6 Level

    • Source/Function Select

  • AUX 3.5mm Input

  • 2/4/6ch Input Select (Direct, Copy or Sum)

  • 2/3-Way Summing w/Retained Sub Level Control

  • Never Zero Ch5/6 Output with Front & Rear Input

  • Differential Balanced Inputs

  • Low Impedance Outputs

  • Variable Gain Adjustments w/Clip LEDs

  • Auto Turn-On via DC-Offset or Audio Signal Detect

  • Generated +12V Remote Output

  • OEM Load Detect Compatible

  • Locking Detachable Power/Speaker Terminals

  • Professional Grade Panel Mount RCA’s

  • Compact Aluminum Chassis w/Detachable Mounting Tabs

link6 Specifications

  • Output Voltage (Max)---------- >10Vrms

  • Output Impedance -------------- <50Ω

  • Input Sensitivity

    • SPK ---------------------------- 2-20Vrms, 4-40Vrms

    • AUX ---------------------------- 0.5-5Vrms

  • Max Input Voltage (SPK) ------- 40Vrms

  • Frequency Response ------------ <10Hz to 100kHz

  • THD+N (SPK/AUX) ---------------- <0.05% /<0.05%

  • S/N (SPK/AUX) --------------------- >114dBA />113dBA

  • Turn-On Trigger ------------------- +12V, DC-offset & Audio Detect

  • Generated +12V Output ------- >500mA

  • Chassis Dimensions -------------- 1.1”x4.7”x5.8” (29x120x148mm)


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