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    Rydeen | BSS3 — Microwave Radar Blind Spot Detection System

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    Rydeen | PSK4 — Digital Parking Sensor Add on Kit

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    Rydeen | PSR4000 — Digital Ultrasonic Parking Sensors

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    What comes in the box:
    • TRAX Plus Stereo Bluetooth Intercom. Two Trax 5 pin 12' and two 16' Headset/Helmet Cables with quick disconnect nexus mil spec connections.
    • Four TRAX Stereo Helmet Wiring Kits. Featuring new Full Range HFI Speakers and Trax Stereo 5 pin Water resistant H2no plug. Easy to install in your own helmet or send to us for professional install.
    • Icom F5021 Mobile Radio. 50 watt, VHF, Alphanumeric Display, 128 channels pre-programmed with stock desert list.
    • Antenna and Coax. 17' Hole Mount Coax and No Ground Plane Antenna.
    • Push to Talk Buttons. One velcro and one panel mount.
    • Music/Phone Audio Input Cable. 6' cable allowing you to input music into your intercom or voice conversation from a phone or music device.
    The Trax Plus Stereo Intercom system is designed for UTV's, Sand Cars, Prerunners and Boats that demand the best in sound quality. This innovative intercom boasts crystal clear communications with a digitally controlled VOX system. Equipped with dual audio amplifiers, and increased RF Filtering, this intercom will change the way you hear your passengers and music! Now with pause, play, and music skip control!
    • Bluetooth with Volume Control- Pair your Cell phone or Bluetooth capable music device player for wireless music and phone calls.  Listen to your music without connecting any wires or have a cell phone conversation without ever connecting your phone to your intercom system. Great for hands free driving! Simple, one touch operation on the face of the intercom allows you to play or pause while music is playing, or answer incoming phone calls!
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    VRAD10- Cerwin Vega -10″ Vega Powered Active Subwoofer w/ Passive...



    • Slim 10” 2Ω Subwoofer
    • Built-In Passive Radiator for extended bass response
    • Power: 200W RMS @ 2Ω @100Hz, 450W MAX
    • Bass Boost: 0-12dB
    • Subsonic Filter: 35Hz
    • LPF Filter: 75-150Hz
    • PWM MOSFET Power Supply/Thermal Protection Circuit
    • Adjustable Input Sensitivity
    • Remote Subwoofer Control Included
    • RCA and High-Level Inputs
    • Delayed Soft Remote Turn On
    • Dimensions: 13.6” X 9.65” X 2.4”(L X W X H)                       345 X 245 X 65 mm (L X W X H)
    • Remote Bass Knob Included
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    WAVTECH bassRESTOR Bass Restoration Processor


    There are certain types of music that just don’t have enough good, low bass.  If you listen to classic rock, older hip-hop or Banda music, you know that something is missing.  The bassRESTOR fills in the gaps and adds just the right amount of bass back into your music.  A unique Multi-Function Remote Level Control (RLC) lets you adjust the overall bass volume, the amount of bass restoration effect needed for a particular song or defeat the effect completely when no restoration is required.

    The bassRESTOR has both speaker level and RCA inputs, so it integrates easily with factory or aftermarket sources.  There is a variable frequency subsonic filter for fine system tuning.

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