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    The Legend: Off-Road Mirror DVR Switching System

    Introducing The Legend Multi-functional Off-Road DVR

    The Legend is a multi-functional off-road DVR recorder, featuring 1080p front and rear recording, integrated switch control system, backup assistance, parking monitoring and App control. The front camera records 1080p videos at 60fps which gives you the option to capture high-speed actions and produce slow motion footage. The rear camera shoots 1080p videos at 30fps and provides backup guidelines when you put the gear to reverse. All the footage and pictures are downloadable from the Acumen App, no need to take out the SD card!

    The integrated switch panel is equipped with an 8-gang switch control, Acumen Box, which allows up to Eight circuits, Two rated at 40 amps each and Six rated 20 amps each. The 8-circuit universal wiring harness kit makes it easy to connect to any 12 volt accessories. In addition, the Acumen Box comes with a built-in Bluetooth transmitter which allows you to adjust the settings through the Acumen App. In addition, each switch button is programmable and the programming options include Dimming, Strobing, Flashing and Momentary control.  The switch buttons’ design and name can be customized accordingly via Acumen App or through the switch panel.

    Adventure Ready


    • 12" Full Digital Touch Screen

    • 2-Channel 1080p at 60fps • Sand proof Case (Optional) + IP67 Waterproof • Integrated Switch Control • Crashproof Screen Protector • Wi-Fi Direct + App Control • Sony Image Sensor with WDR night vision • GPS Log

    Acumen Box

    • 8 Programmable Switches • Solid State Relay • 125 Amp Capacity • 6* 20A Switches • 2* 40A Switches • Bluetooth App Control • IP 67 Waterproof Relay

    8 Gang Switch Control

    Simple and Intuitive

    Designed for off-road vehicles

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    Rydeen | PSK4 — Digital Parking Sensor Add on Kit

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    Rydeen | PSR4000 — Digital Ultrasonic Parking Sensors

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    XR10 – 10″ Touch Screen Digital Rear View Mirror-DVR System

    Drive Safe, Drive With Acumen

    Reduce Blindspot With a wider field of vision the rear camera reduces blind spots on both sides of the vehicle. Giving the driver greater confidence when changing lanes.

    Acumen XR10 Digital Rearview Mirror in use


    • Front Facing Camera: 1080p
    • Rear/Back up Camera: 1080p
    • Viewing Angle: 140˚
    • Recording frame rate: 30fps
    • Time Lapse Recording Feature at 5 fps
    • Time lapse duration up to 24 hours
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    XR10 4K -12″ Touch Screen Digital Rear View Mirror-DVR System...


    Wi-Fi Direct

    With the AcumenCam App you can view your footage's on your mobile phone by connecting to the XR10 Plus via Wi-Fi Direct.

    Reduce Blind spots

    Rearview mirror paired with a powerful back up camera greatly reduce blind spots when reversing and changing lanes.

    Unobstructed Rearview

    Rear vision is no longer blocked by C pillars, passengers, or items in cargo areas.

    Night Vision

    Anti-glare display reduce the effects blinding headlights when driving at night.


    Offers clear view of rear traffic even when your rear windshield is covered with rain or snow.

    Easy to Install

    Use the included rubber straps to instantly mount over your factory mirror or purchase a rearview mirror bracket mount for a factory look.


    • Wi-Fi Direct Enabled
    • Viewing Angle: 160˚
    • Recording frame rate: 30fps
    • Time Lapse Recording Feature at 5 fps
    • Time lapse duration up to 24 hours
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